Maine Bed and Breakfast Contest

This is the entry that I would have sent in if I had wanted to own a large Bed and Breakfast in Main for only a 200 word essay and $125.00.

Why would a couple, that have never owned or even worked in a Bed & Breakfast in Maine or anywhere else, want to own one? Well, because it is in our home state! Yes, we were born and raised in Maine.   One thing that we can bring with us is a ghost! That’s right; we have our own personal ghost. My Mother! She always loved my husband, me not so much! But she puts up with me just so she can be near him.  She doesn’t rattle chains or anything gross, but she just might hide things, mostly from us, and she just might make all our flowers bloom and the birds sing.   Everything she planted just flourished and she knew all the bird’s names and they would eat out of her hand.

We have worked for other people when we had to, but the most fun we had was working for ourselves. Long hours and hard labor mean nothing when you love your boss. We have been bossing each other for 53 years, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

Are we qualified? Of course not! No one in their right mind would tackle something this big. But we have been accused of having more guts than brains; we took it as a compliment.   We are ready willing and able to come back to Maine and play host to all those lovely people who want to have Maine Lobster experience. By the way, Mother is already packed!


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