HI Red Rover & Miranda Here!

Well, we had another adventure! 

It all started with Shirl getting a release from his Heart Doctor with no restrictions! Yeah!

So Shirl and Brenda accepted a job in Lasson National Forrest at Hat Creek RV Resort.  They were hired to work office and escorting  guests to sites and general maintenance, well when they got there (about 65 miles east of Redding, CA in the mountains) they were put to work in the Deli.  Wait a minute; they had no experience in a Deli!  So they dug in and learned to make all kinds of sandwiches, Nacho Grande’s, Breakfast Burritos, Mac and Potato Salad and Old Fashioned Shakes on a Vintage Shake machine.  

I need to back up a little, because before we could drive all the way to Hat Creek we needed to do something about me!  Yes it was all about me!  Just as we were getting ready to start our journey, Shirl developed some double vision and driving both vehicles was a little difficult for Brenda. She is good, but not that good.

She started researching what the cost of having a “four on the road” hook-up VS car dolly.  It seems that the 2009 HONDA is ready but the 2008 is not without a considerable expense.  So Car Dolly it was going to be.  If she had asked me, I would have told her, but no one really asks my opinion.  I don’t think that they asked Miranda if she wanted to pull me, either.  She is such a good sport.

Brenda started haunting Craig’s List and eBay for Car Dolly’s; also she did a lot of research on what features you should have on a Dolly.  She discovered that there are 4 features for safety and ease of loading and unloading.  Finding all four at her price was difficult.  She finally found one and so we traveled to the Grand Canyon area to pick it up.  Just to set you straight, Shirl drove the Motor Home and Brenda drove me to pick up my Dolly.

I thought they were buying me an American Girl Dolly, what a surprise when they hooked up this funny looking thing behind Miranda and drove me right up on it!!  They hooked me to it securely and then we started driving. 

Brenda had never driven the Motor Home with the dolly and me behind her.  The biggest challenge was getting Gas.  You have to make sure you can get in and get out of the station.  It is true that the car does follow you, however you have to remember that you cannot back up with a dolly, I guess they are a little finicky.   So we are now 53 feet long with all of us hooked together.  Amazingly Miranda got the same mpg with us as she did alone.  Brenda did real good driving us, and we made it up and back.  We heard her talking about getting her CDL license.  OMG!

We all traveled to Northern California and took a job in the Lassen National Forest.   Guess they didn’t think that one through as they didn’t take into consideration that as wonderful as being in the cool forest near a great fishing stream is, that in the forest, sometimes there are Forest Fires! Duh!

They worked in the Deli at the park and learned about using the Panini machine to make hot sandwiches, and also made many kinds of cold sandwiches too.  The Deli had a nearly antique Shake Machine and it was a blast from the past, making Milk Shakes the old fashioned way.

So while they were working at Hat Creek they left Miranda at the park and the three of us went to Washington State to their Daughter’s 50th Birthday Party That girl really knows how to have a Birthday Party!! She hired a band called “Wired” to play and all her friends helped make it happen.  A friend, Ali let her use her house and another friend Dee took our Son Chris, his friend Micah, and us out sightseeing in Seattle.  Brenda got some great pictures and will try to put them on Facebook.  

 That’s when I really strutted my stuff, 35 mpg!! By the time we got back to Hat Creek the wild fires were just a little too close for comfort; about 4 miles from the park.  The smoke was so thick that even Miranda and I were coughing, and it would not be good for Shirl so soon after Heart Surgery. So we decided to leave and try to get out of the smoke.   We had to go a back road to Shasta and back down I-5 to Redding, as the road from the part to Redding was closed.  We stayed at a Casino for a few days, but the smoke started coming over there too, so we moved.  We had to go all the way to Sacramento, CA area to get out of the smoke.

So we came home to Phoenix, AZ! We decided to stay in Goodyear as there was a Swap Meet that we wanted to check out, since we are out of work again, maybe we can get rid of some of our “Treasures”.  

Shirl went out to hook up and Brenda decided to go out the help him, and she couldn’t get the door open!  Help! She was locked in and he was locked out!  Good Sam’s road service sent out a locksmith, who was a firefighter/paramedic and he couldn’t get the lock to open or get it out of the door, well finally the Police and Fire Department came and they sawed the lock out, but ruined the door, so now we have a temporary lock while we are waiting for a door to come from the factory.  For several days we were tying the door shut with a rope, but then KISS RV came out and put a loaner lock in the door.  It will be 2 or more weeks before we get the new door.

We decided to go to North Phoenix RV for the rest of the winter.  The park had not had any activities for many years, so after talking with the managers we agree to create an activities program for them.  It took the guests a little time to get used to the idea, but by Christmas they started having fun.  We did Bingo every Monday night, Game/Social get together on Thursday night.  We also cooked Breakfast every other Saturday. 

BTW, Shirl is in great shape, they walk 2 miles a day and both have slimmed down and have more energy. 






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