Why do people need to lie?

I will never understand why people need to lie.  In my other life I was a Realtor for 30 years, and during that time I sold many homes to many happy people and never had to lie, to make the sale.  If I knew of a defect in the house I would disclose it, as a matter of fact, would try to find the defects, and would either negotiate the repair of the defect or try to get a satisfactory price reduction, to make my client happy, or find them another home.

In my current life I am a full time workamper and take jobs for a full hook-up site, or FHU and salary, which most of the time is minimum wage.  I do not lie on my resume, on my work history, and have permission from anyone on my references.

The information that I receive from prospective employers is a horse of another color!  As an example;

About 6 months ago I talked to the National Supervisors about a position as Activity Directors at a “Theme Park´ (which will remain nameless), for my husband and myself, I was told that:

  1. They just finished a 5 million dollar Rec Center (the operative word here is finished).
  2. We would be co-directors (we assumed that there was another couple to share the work load, not so, we are it).
  3. Our salary was $2500.00 A month and FHU (Full Hook UP for RV) and propane at ½ price.
  4. We would have a staff to schedule the work.
  5. They would like us to arrive a month early so that we could get familiar with the “program”.

So far this is what we found when we arrived nearly a month early:

The manager was new and did not know we would be on salary and we would have to work for site which was 9 hrs. each.  When we told her 9 hours was not enough time to get ready and that we were supposed to be on salary, she had to “check on it”.  We were finally told that starting Saturday we would indeed be on salary.  So we either had to cool our heels at our site or go the work gratis.

Seeing the disarray of the Rec building, the tee shirts, and the ceramics, we opted to go to work.

BTW the 5 million dollar Rec Center was not completed- no Wi-Fi for us to work with, no computers, and our “office” is not finished, and has a trench through the middle of the floor, also there is no telephone.  There are no other directors; my husband and I are it!!!

On our own time we inventoried all of the ceramics, tee shirts and kitchen supplies and put all of them on spread sheets on our own computers.  There was no inventory available and certainly no spread sheets.

Our staff consisted of us for a week, until we begged for another couple that was also waiting to go to work in the store.  They were assigned to us and between us we prepared all the paints for painting the ceramics by manually shaking all the gallon cans and marking the colors of each one, labeling and filling all the under stock paints and the small containers for everyday use.  We moved the ceramics and tee shirts into the new area of the rec center from the old area, cleaned the kitchen, and cleaned the tables and set up for the Sunday morning breakfast that we were also in charge of.   We also had to hunt and peck for whom to order supplies from, have managed to find all of the vendor’s telephone numbers and have ordered supplies for all or part of the year.

It seemed like every day a new task has been  assigned and when we asked where was the information on previous years so we would have a track to run on we were told to “make it up as we go along”.  That is what we have been doing, but do not know how long we can take the disorganization.  We set-up all the activities for a month on the very slow Wi-Fi and program and was told it was wrong and needed to do it different!   I do not have time to putz with the program now and will get around to it when I can, otherwise someone else can change it.

We are responsible for cleaning the Rec room and taking out the trash, wash and drive the Train and Fire Truck (either us or one of our many workers) around the park on a weekly basis.  In addition we have three costumed characters that we have to have all three out every day (one at a time).

The final straw that is breaking the camel’s back was delivered last week, when we were told that we were responsible for mowing our own site.  Most of us RV’ers do not carry lawn equipment with us and a Full Hook-up site means it is provided without us having to mow.  Maintenance was told they could only mow our sites on their own time.

We now have another couple coming to work this week and were told that they have three more people that we can call in to work.  Must be the new math, because, that doesn’t sound like ten people.

We are looking for another job and will have to leave just like most of the other people have done in the past.  It seems that this park has a reputation of going through people fast.

Just for the record, I do not like to leave a job until the end of our contract, however, what RV Parks/Resorts needs to understand about “Workampers” is that we are independent contractors, and we are on wheels!  Most of us are retired or “just tired” and are not slaves or indentured servants and we work most of the time for minimum wage.

Employers should feel lucky to have us work for them!  We do many of the jobs that they could not get anyone else to do.  And sometimes we feel like they think that the site that we get is a big perk.  We more than earn that little piece of dirt with water, sewer, and electricity!

The funny thing is even if they told us the absolute truth we might have taken the job, and would have stuck it out until the end, and smiled all the time, because we are honorable people.


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