And they are always glad you came

Remember the song from the TV show Cheers?

That’s what it felt like when we visited our RV friends at Leisure Valley RV Park and Butterfield RV Resort and Observatory was sorry we had to leave. We got lots of hugs, with everyone asking where we were off to this time.

When we got to Leisure Valley, we parked in a pull-through up front in the nightIy spots and didn’t even unhook the White Knight; Sir Fit. It was a blast to play Bocce again with Juanita & Tim, Jack & Carol, Bob, Elmer and all the other friends.  We also enjoyed the “Happy Hours” and the “Redheaded Slut” drinks!  Just saying!

The Hot Tub was wonderful and hated to leave it.  The night all us “girls” spent in it gabbing was great fun.

Had fun playing bingo; Shirl won a game!! But all too soon our time to leave came and we had to head down the road.

When we got to Butterfield, we parked in a pull-through, but unhooked Sir Fit from Dolly Part-On, as we wanted to do a little sight-seeing.  The last time we were at Butterfield we didn’t have a car. Larry and Kathy were nice enough to take us to Tombstone and to watch the Cranes land in the Marsh south of the Park.  This time we went to Bisbee and took the Queen Mine tour.  That was very interesting and a little cool.  It is 47 degrees in the mine and it is an hour tour.  We rode (thank you) trams down into the mine and saw much of the equipment that the miners worked with and our guide had worked in that mine.  Those miners were strong men-the drills weighted over 200 lbs.

We visited with Clara, even though she was just getting over a cold.  We also played games and visited with everyone as much as we could and got lots of hugs.  Clara and Tom are heading off on an around the US trip and hope we meet up with them again.

We played Bridge Saturday morning and Texas Hold’Em one evening.  I only lost 50 cents.  We watched Clara do some make-up Wii bowling and went out for Pizza with Larry, Kathy, Steve, and Diane one night.

We also watched the Super Bowl and had a great time cheering for the Sea Hawks.  We must have cheered enough as they really whipped the Broncos!!! Also ate tons of good food while relaxing in our chairs that Shirl carried up to the Rec Hall.   Was great to see them finally come into their own and get the recognition that they deserve.

Our White Knight (Sir Fit) loved getting out on the road and made great mileage (36MPG) as he knew he would be hooked up on Dolly Part-on behind Miranda for the rest of the trip to Texas.  He really strutted his stuff!   Miranda and Dolly was real proud of him.

The road trips are always fun.  Sitting in our fish bowl front window seats we can see all the scenery as we speed (55 MHP) by.  This trip it was interesting to see the frost on the trees that made them look like they had lace on them when we got into Texas.  BTW remember the song “Waltzing across Texas”? Well it would have been a long dance.  I-10 is a long stretch on road that seems like it goes on forever and we remarked once or twice that it is miles and miles of nothing by miles and miles.  Still it is beautiful country and the roads were very good.  And very little construction!  Yeah! Many times on our trips we find construction and in some places, they have a desperate need for it.

As it turned out, we probably should have stayed a couple days longer as we encountered several days of cooold weather.  In Ft. Stockton the water pipes were frozen and we had to go into the restrooms to get some drinking water.  We pulled into Kerrville KOA, because there was a lot of fog or haze up ahead of us and our smart phones suggested we get off the road.  The nice man (owner of the park) came out with a big bucket of hot water and thawed out the faucet to let us fill up our water containers for the refrigerator.  We then unhooked the water, drained the hose and used our fresh water from our holding tank to take showers.

Well we got here at Lone Star Jellystone RV Park and are starting to get organized.  Stay tuned for more adventures on the road.


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