Big Brother technology is watching out for you Sister

Just when you thought technology was at its apex, along comes the iBag for shopaholics!  That’s right now you can buy a handbag that will stop you from overspending by going on a shopping spree.  It will actually lock so you can’t open it to get your handy dandy credit card and further it will alert your partner (which can be anyone of your choosing) that you are in danger and are on the prowl at a mall or your favorite shopping spot.

The company says “tongue in cheek” that women are more likely to use their credit cards to over shop and not pay off the balance at the end of the month.  Duh!  Could it be because the disparity between the salaries women can earn to the amount that men can earn is still far apart? They are developing a male version.  But don’t hold your breath that it will be locking to prevent him for shopping.  I could not find a site where it is available at the present time, but rest assured the iBag is on its way.

I did find an iWallet designed for men that houses credit cards and cash that is supposed to protect credit card info from being stolen by credit card thieves.  Interesting enough site where I found both of these showed styles, a place to “like” on social networking sites, and a shopping cart, but alas, no pricing.  So I did what I always do and clicked on the “buy” button and checked out the prices.  It also showed $100.00 dollar bills in the money holder.  The lowest priced iWallet was $269.00.  However, could not find a pricing for the Ladies locking purse.  Wanna guess the price? And you bet it can be put on your handy dandy Credit Card.

Ladies save your money and your sanity and cut up your credit cards and get a Debit card.  Now you can only spend the money you actually have, and no big bills at the end of the month.


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