On The Road Again

After several days of very cold (freezing) weather, we decided to look very close at the weather from Washington State to Central California to determine the best time to make the trip through Grants Pass and the  Siskiyou mountains.  On iGoogle we added cities from Washington to Central California to look at the 5 day weather forecast and consulted the Siskiyou County Road Cams.  They change the pictures every 10 minutes and show from the Summit, which is 4310 feet to Yreka.  We watched the weather forecast of several key cities to determine the best time to start and how much driving we would have to do to make it through the pass on bare roads.

Well we figured it right!  Here  we are in Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff, CA.  Can’t say it is Sweater weather, however, there is  no snow.   If you are going through Red Bluff or just  want a nice  place to stay, look up Durango RV Resort up and take advantage of great service and wonderful amenities.  Every night they light the Gas fire pit and you can set around, sip a brew and talk to other travelers about your experiences.  They have a Club Room, laundry, pool (closed for the  winter) and Hot Tub that is kept at 104 degrees.

We didn’t go out to the Fire Pit last night because we were so tired from two days of traveling 350 hard miles a day to get here.  When we are in no hurry we only drive about 3  or 4 hours a day, don’t get up early and usually arrive before the office closes so we don’t have to do night check in.  We always look for interesting things to see and do along the way and take time to smell the Roses.

There are several new things that we learned about traveling in cold weather.

1. Make sure you empty both holding tanks before it freezes.

2. Un-hook the water from your rig and drain all water from your hose.  When the water freezes in the hose it take a long time for it the thaw.

3. If it is going to snow or if you even think it will snow, put all your slides in.  This should have been obvious but removing the ice and snow from the slide roof is no fun in the freezing weather.

The fourth thing we learned is don’t ever go North in the Winter time again!


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  1. Ya Dawta
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 19:37:30

    Ummmm…..you didn’t have to learn number 4……we told you! I’m glad you are warm….it is a balmy 45 here today…but no snow…and the sun is out. I miss you, and love you more!

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