It’s Snowing!

Well we made the decision to leave the Workamper job and head south to find another job in the warmer climate.  Actually the decision was mutual.  Evidently the last person that arrives at the Resort gets the housekeeper job until they move up the ranks to the office or other job, at least that is what it appears.  We are not opposed to housekeeping, it just was not the job we applied for and discussed with the Manager.

Probably a lot of  drive who all the way up here cannot afford to turn around and go back.  Driving a motor home is not cheap!  We have figured out that it costs us about $.40 a mile not including staying overnight in RV resorts.

Fortunately, we have friends and relatives in the area that will allow us to stay in their yard with the use of water and electricity.  We have to go out every couple of days to empty our tanks and purchase LP, and purchase groceries.  We also do a little bartering for the electricity and water.

Grocery shopping in an RV is fun.  You park out in the “back 40 acres”,  so you get exercise walking to and from the store.  The best part is your frozen food doesn’t thaw from the store to the RV.  And you can put it away immediately.

We have weather icons on our iGoogle page from Lacey WA to Yreka CA and as soon as the weather breaks we probably will head south and keep watch for a Workamper job in the Southwest.  In the meantime we will enjoy having our “little visitors” (children of the nice people who have rented us their driveway) come down every day to play on our computers and “drive” the motor home to the Zoo, Circus, or somewhere else fun.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris Colbath
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 06:21:19

    I love you! Let me know when you are headed South. And keep sending me pictures! 🙂

  2. Ya Dawta
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 04:38:25

    I’m sorry to see you go…but I don’t want to see you so cold and unhappy. I hope you find a nice place someplace warm…..for the winter! (that obviously isn’t going to be in washington) I look forward to hearing about your adventures along the way….don’t trust strangers…..I love you more!

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