To Lie or Tell the Truth!

The older generation was taught to tell the truth.  Remember the admonishment in court “the Truth and nothing but the Truth”?

Well, recently we have begun a new career as “Workampers”.  We travel around in our Motorhome and take jobs that pay for our site and  sometimes a little more, which supplements our Social Insecurity.

So far we have only taken 2 jobs.  The first one was as Housekeepers.  We knew what we were getting into up front and took the job because we wanted to be near our Granddaughter for her 19th Birthday Party.  It was hard work cleaning cabins in the humid heat of Oklahoma.  We did our job well and was at work on time every day and  left on good terms with the employers.

Recently we accepted another job in the Pacific North West to be near our Daughter and  an aged Brother for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The job description and the information that the Manager gave us was glowing!  Hot Tub, Heated Pool, Club house exclusively for Workampers, not a lot of work until summer.  We were begged to come for the Winter because one of the Managers was going to CA to be with her Daughter when she gave birth to her first Grandchild.  We were told that we were needed to help take care of the office and various duties.  The lake was stocked with trout and we could fish without a license because it was private.

Now this is  what we found when we drove 1500 miles at more than  $700.  First the  Pool and Hot Tub are always closed for the Winter!  The lake is  a “catch and release” with only one fish per day to be taken.  We will be taking over the “housekeeping” duties exclusively (not what we were offered or wanted).  Our cart is not totally covered so we get wet going from one restroom to another to clean them, and our training was one day for  about 2 hours.  The people that we are taking over for told us that the Manager said “we LOVE to clean”.  Before Workamping we never had  a job in this capacity, EVER!

We called the manager to our Motorhome to discuss the discrepancy in the duties and was told that “maybe in a month or two” we might get to do a day of the work that we were promised.   We will be doing the Housekeeping duties exclusively.

Now here is what we are deliberating!  Do we bite the bullet or Bug Out?

We might have taken the job even if they had told us the truth.  Doing office work or a little maintenance would have been to our liking.  We had chances to take jobs in warmer climates doing work that we are qualified for and would like to do.  Nowhere on our resumes does it show “housekeeping” as a position that we have held.

So what do you think?  Tell us your opinion.


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  1. Ya Dawta
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 19:30:17

    The choice is yours…..but I think warmer climate might be the thing to do. I would love you up here very close so that I know you are safe and warm. I hate how isolated you are there..and even more I HATE F*%KING LIARS! Anyway…I am on your side whatever you decide….plan B is ready for you;0) ILYM!

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