Adventure of Sleeping in a Motorhome

Adventure of Sleeping in a Motorhome


The bed was the biggest adventure!! We were sleeping in a California King with a 2 inch Memory Foam topper and were going to have to get used to the expanded Queen size bed in the Motorhome. Since Shirl couldn’t or wouldn’t shrink to fit, and refused to let me cut off his feet, he had to be content with his feet sticking out over the bottom of the bed.

We had 2 -2inch Memory Foam toppers and that was really not a problem, we just un-jipped the covers and removed the pads. We measured the size we needed and used a large pair of scissors to cut them to size, then we jipped them back in the covers and folded the excess under.

We found a 4 inch Memory foam mattress at our handy dandy Wal-mart and with the toppers, we were now all set. We found that it was more comfortable with one topper on the bottom, and one on top.

Being Scotch, with the excess topper material, we now had Memory Foam Seat pads for Pilot and Co-Pilot and enough to put a pad on our couch.

We set out looking for a mattress cover for our mattresses to keep them from shifting when we got in and out of bed and just turning over. The fun thing is the covers that we found were about 8 inches longer than our trimmed mattresses. We thought of several solutions for this and finally decided that we would just adjust them each morning rather than make any more modifications on the bed.

If you think of a way, other than re-building one let me know.


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  1. Ya Dawta
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 04:53:42

    This is amusing, Mom. Now I can really keep track of you;0)

    I love you more!

    Ya Dawta

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