On The Road Again

After several days of very cold (freezing) weather, we decided to look very close at the weather from Washington State to Central California to determine the best time to make the trip through Grants Pass and the  Siskiyou mountains.  On iGoogle we added cities from Washington to Central California to look at the 5 day weather forecast and consulted the Siskiyou County Road Cams.  They change the pictures every 10 minutes and show from the Summit, which is 4310 feet to Yreka.  We watched the weather forecast of several key cities to determine the best time to start and how much driving we would have to do to make it through the pass on bare roads.

Well we figured it right!  Here  we are in Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff, CA.  Can’t say it is Sweater weather, however, there is  no snow.   If you are going through Red Bluff or just  want a nice  place to stay, look up Durango RV Resort up and take advantage of great service and wonderful amenities.  Every night they light the Gas fire pit and you can set around, sip a brew and talk to other travelers about your experiences.  They have a Club Room, laundry, pool (closed for the  winter) and Hot Tub that is kept at 104 degrees.

We didn’t go out to the Fire Pit last night because we were so tired from two days of traveling 350 hard miles a day to get here.  When we are in no hurry we only drive about 3  or 4 hours a day, don’t get up early and usually arrive before the office closes so we don’t have to do night check in.  We always look for interesting things to see and do along the way and take time to smell the Roses.

There are several new things that we learned about traveling in cold weather.

1. Make sure you empty both holding tanks before it freezes.

2. Un-hook the water from your rig and drain all water from your hose.  When the water freezes in the hose it take a long time for it the thaw.

3. If it is going to snow or if you even think it will snow, put all your slides in.  This should have been obvious but removing the ice and snow from the slide roof is no fun in the freezing weather.

The fourth thing we learned is don’t ever go North in the Winter time again!


It’s Snowing!

Well we made the decision to leave the Workamper job and head south to find another job in the warmer climate.  Actually the decision was mutual.  Evidently the last person that arrives at the Resort gets the housekeeper job until they move up the ranks to the office or other job, at least that is what it appears.  We are not opposed to housekeeping, it just was not the job we applied for and discussed with the Manager.

Probably a lot of  drive who all the way up here cannot afford to turn around and go back.  Driving a motor home is not cheap!  We have figured out that it costs us about $.40 a mile not including staying overnight in RV resorts.

Fortunately, we have friends and relatives in the area that will allow us to stay in their yard with the use of water and electricity.  We have to go out every couple of days to empty our tanks and purchase LP, and purchase groceries.  We also do a little bartering for the electricity and water.

Grocery shopping in an RV is fun.  You park out in the “back 40 acres”,  so you get exercise walking to and from the store.  The best part is your frozen food doesn’t thaw from the store to the RV.  And you can put it away immediately.

We have weather icons on our iGoogle page from Lacey WA to Yreka CA and as soon as the weather breaks we probably will head south and keep watch for a Workamper job in the Southwest.  In the meantime we will enjoy having our “little visitors” (children of the nice people who have rented us their driveway) come down every day to play on our computers and “drive” the motor home to the Zoo, Circus, or somewhere else fun.

To Lie or Tell the Truth!

The older generation was taught to tell the truth.  Remember the admonishment in court “the Truth and nothing but the Truth”?

Well, recently we have begun a new career as “Workampers”.  We travel around in our Motorhome and take jobs that pay for our site and  sometimes a little more, which supplements our Social Insecurity.

So far we have only taken 2 jobs.  The first one was as Housekeepers.  We knew what we were getting into up front and took the job because we wanted to be near our Granddaughter for her 19th Birthday Party.  It was hard work cleaning cabins in the humid heat of Oklahoma.  We did our job well and was at work on time every day and  left on good terms with the employers.

Recently we accepted another job in the Pacific North West to be near our Daughter and  an aged Brother for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The job description and the information that the Manager gave us was glowing!  Hot Tub, Heated Pool, Club house exclusively for Workampers, not a lot of work until summer.  We were begged to come for the Winter because one of the Managers was going to CA to be with her Daughter when she gave birth to her first Grandchild.  We were told that we were needed to help take care of the office and various duties.  The lake was stocked with trout and we could fish without a license because it was private.

Now this is  what we found when we drove 1500 miles at more than  $700.  First the  Pool and Hot Tub are always closed for the Winter!  The lake is  a “catch and release” with only one fish per day to be taken.  We will be taking over the “housekeeping” duties exclusively (not what we were offered or wanted).  Our cart is not totally covered so we get wet going from one restroom to another to clean them, and our training was one day for  about 2 hours.  The people that we are taking over for told us that the Manager said “we LOVE to clean”.  Before Workamping we never had  a job in this capacity, EVER!

We called the manager to our Motorhome to discuss the discrepancy in the duties and was told that “maybe in a month or two” we might get to do a day of the work that we were promised.   We will be doing the Housekeeping duties exclusively.

Now here is what we are deliberating!  Do we bite the bullet or Bug Out?

We might have taken the job even if they had told us the truth.  Doing office work or a little maintenance would have been to our liking.  We had chances to take jobs in warmer climates doing work that we are qualified for and would like to do.  Nowhere on our resumes does it show “housekeeping” as a position that we have held.

So what do you think?  Tell us your opinion.

Adventure of Sleeping in a Motorhome

Adventure of Sleeping in a Motorhome


The bed was the biggest adventure!! We were sleeping in a California King with a 2 inch Memory Foam topper and were going to have to get used to the expanded Queen size bed in the Motorhome. Since Shirl couldn’t or wouldn’t shrink to fit, and refused to let me cut off his feet, he had to be content with his feet sticking out over the bottom of the bed.

We had 2 -2inch Memory Foam toppers and that was really not a problem, we just un-jipped the covers and removed the pads. We measured the size we needed and used a large pair of scissors to cut them to size, then we jipped them back in the covers and folded the excess under.

We found a 4 inch Memory foam mattress at our handy dandy Wal-mart and with the toppers, we were now all set. We found that it was more comfortable with one topper on the bottom, and one on top.

Being Scotch, with the excess topper material, we now had Memory Foam Seat pads for Pilot and Co-Pilot and enough to put a pad on our couch.

We set out looking for a mattress cover for our mattresses to keep them from shifting when we got in and out of bed and just turning over. The fun thing is the covers that we found were about 8 inches longer than our trimmed mattresses. We thought of several solutions for this and finally decided that we would just adjust them each morning rather than make any more modifications on the bed.

If you think of a way, other than re-building one let me know.

A brilliant idea

If you have ever slept on a mattress that comes with a Motorhome, you will know how much I wanted to get rid of the “Boards R Us” Brand mattress. We came up with the brilliant idea to build an extension on top of the bed. We first measured the tables and the keyboard to make sure they would fit.

There was an existing bed frame with a plywood top, which also hid the fresh water storage tank. All we had to do was build a frame on top.

We took out the mattress, and built a 3 ½ inch high storage frame large enough to hold the two tables Shirl’ keyboard and a couple other things. We used two large pieces of 3/8″ plywood, cut to fit on top. We put a hinge on each side so that the top would lift up to put the tables under and slide one all the way to the top of the bed. We added a small piece of wood to the under side of the top so that we could prop the top up to put stuff in the compartment.

All this sounds so easy and clever!

It only took three days for the both us to accomplish this task, but we now had a place to store more stuff. Some time down the road we need to put some braces under the plywood as without the tables in place we kind of roll into each other, sort of like Ethel and Fred Mertz on I love Lucy.

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