Getting Ready for the Road

One of the first things that we did was to scan the drawing of the floor plan from a Coachmen brochure and enlarge and split it for two pages front and back. Then we measured all of the compartment for storage in the under locking storage bins, and all the cupboards, drawers, under the couch, under the dining benches and all of the overhead compartments. We made and re-made plans for what would go in each compartment several times.

We sold everything that we could on Free sites and either shipping or having people come pick-up. Our collections of Comic Books and Paperback books went to auctions. What we couldn’t sell we either gave away or donated.

Since we were full time RVing, we decided to take only casual clothes, either knit or permanent press and nearly all had to be folded neatly so it would not look like we slept in our clothes.

We ran into a small obstacle when we looked at closet space of which there wasn’t much.

So we called the 800 # for Coachmen and asked if they had any of those nice plastic shelf standards that were installed in the pantry, and we were lucky, they did! When they arrived Shirl put them in the larger of the two closets (mine) and then made shelves, with our handy-dandy measurements, we purchased plastic bins at our ever-ready Wal-Mart, and two of then would fit perfectly on each shelf. Now all I had to do is fit everything I wanted to take in 7 bins.

Not going to happen!! After folding and re-folding and throwing out more things, I was able to get everything packed. Whew!!

Then we had to tackle Shirl’s closet! His was a huge 7 inches wide, and even with the shelve standards and shelves we could not find any plastic bins to fit, so back to square one again and re-think. He decided to hang some of his slacks and good shirts and use plastic bins in the overhead compartment over the bed.


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